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John Legend Sings “Never Break” , Dedicating It To Wife Chrissy Teigen After Pregnancy Loss

This week it seems everything is about symbolism; recently we have done a video on how Diana used her fashion statement to make a strong statement related to personal life and her relationship with Prince Charles.

Now John Legend, the grieving father, has used the soft power of his musical skills to express himself as he performed at the Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday.

The emotional performance was a heartwarming dedication to his wife Chrissy Teigen, after the couple experienced pregnancy loss weeks prior.

Legend sang “Never Break” from his latest album in his first performance since Teigen announced she had lost their third child, Jack, at the beginning of the month. Teigen, who typically is active on Twitter and Instagram, has been silent on social media since the announcement.

“This is for Chrissy,” Legend said as he began his performance Wednesday night.

The song's lyrics describe a relationship that will “never break” and is built on a strong foundation to take on life’s challenges.

The sentence in the lyrics “We know how the story ends.” It's all about hope and how they look at the future, holding hands with each other.

The couple have two children together - daughter Luna and son Miles - and were preparing to welcome a third. Teigen posted about her struggles with her latest pregnancy early on, describing an issue with a weak placenta and abnormal bleeding in social media updates while on bed rest.

She updated millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter on Oct. 1 with news of her family's loss.

Never Break is certainly dedicated to Chrissy, but it will address many who have experienced difficult times in life.

Watch John Legend Perform Never Break At Billboard Music Awards 2020

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