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Jessica Simpson 'saddened beyond belief' after Nick Lachey Moved On With Vanessa

For anyone who has ever broken up from a serious relationship will know that moving on can be tough, but the raw emotions experienced at the time of a breakup are often the most honest ones. Sometimes the breakup is filled with anger, at other times regret or pain and if another woman is involved then maybe even some unintentional negative thoughts towards her and where better to find out how someone truly feels? Their diary of course.

So when Jessica Simpson chose to reveal pages from her diary which are handwritten as part of her memoirs in a new paperback version of her book, “Open Book”, her true feelings about her ex- Nick Lachey moving on became known and in her own words she was ‘saddened beyond belief’.

The 40 year old was married to Nick between 2002 and 2006 and was shocked at how quickly he moved on.

One snippet courtesy of ET reads;

"So, Nick, you’re with another already? Seems that you forgot the love you spoke to me. I’m saddened beyond belief. Alone in the dark, with no one to call my own.”

Nick, started dating Vanessa less than a year after his split from the Jessica and the pair went on to get married in 2011 and now have kids Camden, eight, Brooklyn, six, and Phoenix, four, together.

Back in 2020, Jessica claimed that she had slept with him after their breakup in 2005. According to reports, in 2006 before their divorce she had watched his album “What’s left of Me” which included songs about her.

“I just wanted to know what he thought of me now, because at that point I had no idea,” she said (via Page Six) of calling him up after watching the documentary. “I watched him portray himself as a victim, casting me as this selfish person.”

“I knew he did this to hurt me,” she wrote in the Open Book. “So I called him. And I asked to meet him at my house … He rang the bell, and out of reflex I hugged him. I meant it, too. Despite my anger, I missed him.”

“I was numb, just blank. How do you react when you find out you have apparently hurt someone so deeply that they feel entitled to such actions?
I felt manipulated into some revenge fantasy, but I had put myself in this situation,” she continued. “I didn’t know any other way to make it better, so I slept with him.”

She added,

“He didn’t stay the night. I was relieved because I could feel his hate. The whole situation was very dark. When he walked out the door, I knew I would never see him again.”

Given he did go on to marry Vanessa perhaps that is what put an end to it. I am sure Jessica will continue to reveal snippets of the relationship with time.

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