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Jennifer Lopez spotted looking for schools in Los Angeles

Things between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are moving fast, while Affleck’s father may claim not to have been told about the relationship, Jennifer Lopez’s children may well know about it or must have picked up on it if recent reports are to be true.

Jennifer Lopez was spotted touring schools in Los Angeles while spending time with Ben Affleck. TMZ reported that the superstar was seen visiting at least one school in Los Angeles on Friday 4th June after spending time with Affleck at his Brentwood home.

Lopez’s children whom she shares with Mark Anthony have been attending school in Miami for years. Maybe that is what the coffee with Mark Anthony could have been about.

Looking for new schools definitely shows intention to move things along quickly though both parties are remaining tight lipped.

Lopez has made a point that her children come first, a source speaking to PageSix reportedly said;

“She has to ensure that she is taking her children into account. They are her priority.”

Affleck has also been making his kids a priority spending time with his 12 year old daughter Seraphina and 9 year old son Samuel this week. He also has a 15 year old daughter Violet with Jennifer Garner, his ex wife.

Well if moving in together is the next step then good for them, just goes to show love finds itself to you somehow.

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