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Jennifer Lopez Spotted Having Coffee With Ex Marc Anthony Amid Blossoming Romance With Affleck

Though we love Jennifer Lopez, we are starting to wonder what her game plan is when it comes to love and relationships. Though she is 51, she has had 11 relationships which we have to say is a lot, maybe increasing the number of relationships has her worried which may explain why she is going back and revisiting old flames or maybe her old flames are upset by what they have lost and are doing anything they can to get back together again. Afterall P Diddy did recently share a throwback so it could be perfectly plausible.

The latest man who seems to be wanting to spend time with her is ex-husband Marc Anthony. As reported by People, the two were spotted together at the W Hotel in Miami Beach on Thursday 27th May. She had a lavender athleisure look with hoop earrings while he wore a button-up with orange Miami Marlins cap, but that wasn’t all. It would seem she was also upbeat.

"A lot of hotel guests recognized her and she was super nice and upbeat with anyone who approached," a source told People. "They ordered coffee".

This comes amid her blossoming romance with ex-fiance Ben Affleck. Though that re-kindled flame hasn’t turned into an official relationship yet either. Perhaps her upbeat mood has something to do with Affleck particularly with her being spotted smiling in previous pictures and her meeting with Marc Anthony was just an innocent coffee or maybe she really is keeping her options open and enjoying all the attention she is getting. Tell us what you think.

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