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Jennifer Lopez heads back to work after week with Ben Affleck

Just hours after Ben Affleck left J Lo’s house with a smirk, the singer and actress was spotted having a business meeting at Soho House in West Hollywood.

The singer was seen leaving a members only club with vocal coach Stevie Mackay on Wednesday afternoon, It is thought that Rita Ora was also spotted at Soho House around the same time according to reports.

The Love Don’t cost a singer was wearing a multi-patterned maxi dress, brown boots, Chanel fringe bag, rose-colored glasses, hoop earrings and her hair in a slicked back bun.

The superstar has not released new music for quite some time. September last year was when she dropped two-song collaboration, “Pa’ Ti + Lonely” with singer Maluma.

Though the singer and actress’ love life has kept her busy lately it would seem reality is kicking in and bills need to be paid, but she will no doubt be back in Affleck’s arms soon enough.

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