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Is Meghan Markle BANNED From Wearing Royal Jewels?!

A recent report making the rounds is causing a little bit of confusion. Rumors have been flying around that Meghan Markle is banned from wearing the royal jewels. On the one hand this wouldn’t be surprising and the question would be given the already strained relationship does Meghan even feel like she can ask.

On the other hand banning now given everything that has happened from Prince Harry abruptly leaving the UK the day before the Queen’s birthday and the bomb shell Oprah interview would mean the timing of this is such that Meghan is no longer considered to be anything to the royal family who want nothing to do with her. So is this all just a rumor.

Firstly some background, Queen Elizabeth II has a wide range of jewellery which have historically belonged to many previous royals and kept in the family. She occasionally loans out the jewellery when requested and items have included Queen Mary Fringe Tiara which was loaned to Princess Beatrice for her wedding, Queen Alexandra’s wedding gift necklace, and the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara (a favorite of Princess Diana.

Kate Middleton frequently wears the items and wearing the jewellery is a good way of reminding people that these items still exist or else they would be left on a shelf gathering dust.

Now the reason why most of the tabloids are actually saying that Meghan Markle has been banned is because a story was published by The Sun back in 2019 in which the Queen did ban Meghan from wearing the jewels but this is before Megxit and well before any Oprah interview. In fact both Meghan and Harry were still working royals so would have been somewhat hurtful for Meghan.

At the time a story had circulated which Express said was untrue where it was claimed that the Queen was unimpressed by Meghan’s demanding behaviour” and didn’t think her attitude was worthy of the royal jewels. Expressed said both Harry AND Buckingham Palace were “incensed” at the “simply untrue” story and that it had been intended to cause a divide between Meghan and the royals.

The Queen had however previously declined Meghan’s request but this was at the time of her wedding when Meghan wanted to wear the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik tiara for her wedding, but the Queen said no.

Meghan instead settled for the Queen Mary Diamond Bandeau Tiara and still looked beautiful we have to say.

The Greville was instead work by Princess Eugenie for her wedding. Some may say this was clearly a snub at Meghan while it may well be that Princess Eugenie had her eyes on the tiara which the Queen may have already committed to giving to her on her wedding day.

Seems like this is a case of whispers down the lane and nothing has been confirmed about a ban, thought it seems very unlikely Meghan will be asking for the jewels any time soon. More for Kate Middleton.

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