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Is it doom and gloom behind Ellen DeGeneres Show?

I’m sure you have all been wondering what’s been happening with Ellen DeGeneres. The summer was filled with scandals, workplace misconduct, including sexual assault and despite speculation of the show being cancelled, she made return much to the surprise of many.

It has now been 2 months since Ellen DeGeneres returned to her daytime talk show and staffers and sources with knowledge of the situation recently dished some dirt to BuzzFeed News. The show has lost advertisers, seen a significant dip in ratings and are seriously struggling to book A list guests.

Two employees even disclosed that Ellen is having to re-air old bits as production of digital content has had to take a nosedive mainly due to lack of advertiser funds from the bad publicity and COVID not helping either.

One employee said;

“We’re trying to be a content house, but we have no content.”

When talking about new talent, the employee said they were struggling and would take ideas and pretty much any suggestions.

“For the first time, everyone was starting to ask us, ‘If you have an idea, tell us because we will listen. If you have an idea for a celeb, even if they’re not A-list or famous, we’ll take anyone who will bring us numbers and eyeballs,’” the staffer said.

Publicists even admitted to not wanting to book on the daytime talk show. In fact some of their clients specifically requested it.

One publicist admitted,

“I wouldn’t set up anyone on her show right now to do anything that could possibly cause them more negative headlines.
You have to tread so carefully with your clients and your clients’ reputations, so you don’t want to put your client in any line of fire sympathizing with someone that any community or anyone would feel bad about.
We’re not going to align anyone with Ellen.”

Of course in an attempt to hide the true state of affairs its no surprise that someone from the Ellen show actually decided to speak to Buzzfeed and tell them they have no problems booking quality talent.

“The show is fully booked and a lot of those guests are exclusive to Ellen, and that’s even more remarkable because as you know, there are no movies opening, there are no concerts being had, there are no TV events or premieres,” the source said. “So the whole talk show circuit that these major celebrities do is not happening.”

The Ellen Show's ratings have dropped 37% compared to last season. Although other syndicated talk show ratings have also dropped around 19% on average, Ellen DeGeneres' show has been the worst.

Evan Nierman, founder and CEO of Red Banyan, a public relations firm says;

“In the end, she’s going to be OK,” Evan said. “Did she damage her brand? Yes. Has the shine worn off a bit? And does it seem like Ellen isn’t exactly who we all thought she was on camera? Sure. But she will be just fine.”

Interesting, maybe she does have a good publicist who has somehow managed to save her reputation or maybe it is the publicist hiding the true scale of how bad things actually are. Tell us what you think, should Ellen call it a day or do people like her far too much and will choose to continue to watch her.

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