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In the Fool's Garden on a rainy Sunday afternoon

Have It All Daily Contributor, Sayantani Ghosh

‘I am sitting here in the boring room; it’s just another rainy Sunday afternoon’….was playing in my head since morning; and I truly wondered when did ‘Lemon Tree’ become the most relevant song in my life.

I am sure it’s the hard truth for many like me in a these god awful times. Although the perspective of this song would differ broadly between 2 cohorts- those who are walking through this solo and those who are in this with their loved ones. The 2 key questions we are all seeking answers to while trying to make it through the present is ‘how’ and ‘how long’. There’s a fair share of uncertainty with the latter but we are all trying to stay in control of the former even though at times it spirals out.

Let’s talk about those who have someone for company during lockdown.

You wake up every morning to at least one more face to smile at or frown at depending on your mood. You either make some breakfast or get served some. Sometimes you like and other times you complain about not having enough options on the table. You get on with your day with work, Netflix, video games based on the phase of life and state of mind that you are in. Even some romance for a sweet interjection if you are lucky.

By sundown you feel run-down by the weight of the day but there is a solace that a high-five, a hug or just a re-assuring glance awaits you in the next room. The same plot plays out with minor deviations every day.

Most days you feel lucky to not be alone in this, but you also start longing for the moments that are just your own. Appreciation for the little things grow stronger, some ‘me time’ away for everyone with a coffee, a book, a drink or even sneaking out for a puff of the evil that tobacco is. Sundays with love, laughter and good food makes you feel blessed yet unfamiliar as you try to adapt to the new world.

The solo traveler’s journey is slightly different before it converges with the above. You wake up to your own company and rely on that mirror for a smile or a frown. More often than not you end up with a poker face.

Day begins with a plan to complete all chores with little to no tolerance for complaints because, let’s face it, you can only argue so much with yourself. You get busy justifying your salary while a dark cloud of uncertainty looms over your head (in most cases).

Your appreciation for human contact grows exponentially. You realize that phone and internet only eases the seclusion marginally and does not even compare to the real life connect. Food is only fuel now and a means to garner external validation on social media. Music and Netflix fighting hard to fill in for real people. Exercise is keeping you anchored to health and sanity. Yet another Sunday arrives, but you try to hold on to any positivity, big or small it brings, that keeps you grounded and hopeful.

It’s almost like we are a part of this majestic play that’s been running for over 4 months. Each of us play the lead in the same plot every day and it’s entirely on our performances to define the direction of the story. The common thing though is that each of us has started respecting and appreciating certain aspects of life that we had been taking for granted.

Could there have been a better way to gain perspective if the last 4 months did not exist?

We will never know. But once we step into the new world let’s hope we are able to sustain the retrospective evolution of ourselves and are once again able to enjoy ‘Lemon Tree’ just as a song and not think of it as a state of being.

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Have It All Daily
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