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If You Are Getting Married Right After Lockdown, Beware! (For Him)

Getting married is undoubtedly one of those moments in an individual's life where a lot of things change, and they change so fast you can't keep a hold of it. If you have made the decision to take things forward with someone you love, good luck, but we want to set the record straight for the trade-off you are going to make.

Sharing The Bed

Though it may sound exciting to have your girl in your bed and her brother will not get angry, you will need to adjust to who will sleep on which side of the bed. But this is just the beginning, you might have the habit of moving your hands or legs and hurting her like that might just get your breakfast canceled. It might even lead to a small tiff. And there could be many bad habits of your unconscious self that were harmless when you were sleeping on your own.

The habit of snoring is the most common issue, we are not even going to medical issues like bed-wetting, talking while sleeping or walking asleep. All these issues need expert advice, but if it's not fixed, sharing the bed might not be very fruitful.

Eating Habits

In South America, the word used for an engaged couple is compremetido that has a literal meaning as "Compromised" and that is what marriage is all about. Now, who compromises frequently depends but a collective effort can make things easier. Imagine your meal fantasy is all about meat, but your partner was either a vegan or her friend just influenced her to turn vegan. She likes Chinese and you like Italian, are you ready for a life long war over food or are you ready to compromise? The only way to win this battle is to hope that your future kid will develop the same eating habit as you once had when you were a free bird. No, we are not encouraging you to manipulate your little one to develop the same eating habits as yours.

Scheduling Your Daily Agenda

As a free soul, the only thing you need to bother about is your work schedule. But once you are "happily" married, there is a lot more to take care of. While impromptu plans are normal for a bachelor, for a partner, surprises are good only once in a while. So you have to learn to live in an organized way and plan things ahead of time.

Booking a table for two in her favorite restaurant, buying movie tickets or coming home early for shopping during seasonal sales are a few examples.

Friendship Will Go Down On Priority List

When someone makes the brave decision to stay with you for life, attention is the fodder. You just cannot ignore her in the initial days, so your personal space and the "Me Time" to chill with your friends will be impacted. If you are lucky enough, she might get along well with your friends, unless you start craving attention from her that has swiftly redirected towards your friends.

Even Parents Will Go Down On Priority List

When the new someone walks into your life, it impacts all the existing relationships including the one with your parents. It does not define her character or intention, that is how this relation is. Sad enough not to explain it further.

Well, the point is what can you do?

Nothing to bring revolutionary change but to follow the tradition of following her for a "Happy" and "Compremitido" life.

But you can also use life lessons from the 2020s pandemic to maintain social distancing. If you were a bachelor in the beginning of 2020 and you were quarantined alone, you have completed all the levels of the game. Without drinking, without going out, without random making out, maybe without alcohol, If you have cleared it all, You don't need to be Compremitido.

Have It All Daily
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