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I tried to fool the god to skip “Man Proposes, God Disposes” for my love life, this is what happened

What you want and what you get are generally two different things and when they turn out to be the same you feel lucky. Almost every time people want what they consider is good for them. But there is also a saying “Man Proposes and God Disposes”.

Man Proposes God Disposes

I always wonder whenever I am in a relationship, even after going to the club alone or with the guy's gang, I get more attention from girls and many of them want to dance with me. I literally start feeling like Tom Cruise, but when the same Tom Cruise goes to the club after a breakup, the girls make you nonexistent. You think they just missed you on their sight and plan to make the first move, you fail.

Now the basic thing that differentiates you when you are longing for something and when you are not is desire leading to desperation and don’t give a f**k leading to being carefree.

I had a friend whose pick up line was not let’s dance or can I buy you a drink, he was going to clubs and selling dreams for the night, and he was actually very successful doing that.

He just used to give a vague but possibly big package in his proposal by saying let’s have a good time or do you want to have a good time?

This guy is still having a good time

Seeing his move, I have realized being carefree and offering everything you can imagine in one sentence works.

So I had to find a midway between his mantra and "god disposes" thing.

Not showing desperation was one thing and trying to fool the god was another.

Every morning after waking up I started telling myself being single is the best thing, I just don’t want to have even a small interaction with any girl.

  1. To convince the god I am not looking for a girl in my life, I have taken some steps.

  2. At work, I started keeping all the conversations on Email (That is actually standard practice), but my idea was to fool the god.

  3. In the Supermarket I used to choose the billing counter that had a boy sitting there.

  4. I denounced my favorite hairstylists Camila from Argentina.

  5. For a $4.99 peg of Jack Daniel, I gave $20 to the cutest bar girl and said to her you are like a sister to me.

  6. In my evening walk with my dog named “Curry” he used to smell a female dog and I used to chit chat with the girl owner, So I changed the route and Curry might still be hating me.

  7. It will sound bad, but I have snatched the job of my cleaning lady to fool the god.

Though it all sound crazy, and I am not so proud of every step I took to fool the god, but my god knows I did it all.

After working on the idea for a couple of weeks, I thought I was good enough to hide desperation from my face, and I should start approaching girls in a more carefree way, with a swag, but the same time I realized fooling the god and selling the dream of good time cannot go hand in hand.

What worked out alongside losing with God was my skill to hide, urge or longing to score girls from the club.

From being ignored to making out with three girls in the club can classify as a success story and sometimes making out consecutively with girls from the same gang.

Did I become a living “Love Guru” or Did I attain “Moksha”, uhmm.. Maybe I really look like Tom Cruise at least after the girls are 3 tequila shot down.

Remember I was trying to fool the god, he actually collaborated with a cupid and got me in a relationship again, girls were still hitting on me for these last three years but it was effortless, there was no urge to find another one.

But today I am brushing up my skills again as I started dreaming and planning to marry her and God disposed of my plan.

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