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I hate my job, but I love my boss

It just so happens that I love my job and my boss. However I have been in situations where I have hated the job but my boss has been amazing and there has always been a fine balance to be drawn between sticking it out or quitting. While everyone’s reasons and circumstances differ, we set out some things to think about if you truly hate your job and love your boss.

Before we proceed when we say love we do not mean romantically. I am sure we can write another article for that. Sorry to disappoint those who were looking for that!

1. Figure out what you hate about your job

Start with the obvious, why do you hate your job. Is it because you are not being challenged enough, you don’t get paid enough. The hours of work are ridiculous? These questions are crucial to your decision. Each of these are issues or problems you are facing and if you remove your emotions out of it then for each problem there is an obvious solution.

  • Not challenged enough – ask for more interesting work or change roles

  • Not getting paid – ask for a raise or see if you can get a better paid job elsewhere

  • Hours are ridiculous – say no to more pieces, tell your boss to hire someone else.

Each of the above requires you to speak to your boss

2. Why do you love your boss?

Figure out why you like your boss, if you hate your job and have already spoken to your boss and the boss hasn’t fixed the issue then what exactly is it that you like about them? Surely if they are not fixing the issue then by default you shouldn’t be liking them so much.

Surely if you still do despite the issues then there is something you love about your job?

It’s clearly a circular loop.

3. Is the love for your boss a figment of your imagination?

As it’s such a circular loop you have found yourself in a situation where you are torn between leaving or staying. A boss can make or break your career, a good boss will fight for you and help you get promoted. If they thought you were unhappy they would do what they can to fix the issue. The reality is that you are still unhappy so the chances are your boss is not as great as you think. It is a figment of your imagination.

Unless of course your boss has done everything they can to help you become happier but you are still not feeling satisfied in which case it is time to leave your job and move on. Who knows maybe the next boss you have will be just as good as the previous one if not better. Unless of course the reason why you are not happy is because deep down you want to become your own boss and start a business. In which case, what’s stopping you? Or dare we say it, you are in fact in love with your boss romantically.

Be your own boss, love yourself and your job! Problem solved!


If you are in love romantically, then ask them out on a date! You will have to lose them as a boss but I am sure you will gain much more.

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