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How To Stop Overthinking During Lockdown

It is said that planning before getting into action is first step towards success and keeping your brain at work is great but there is a thin line between planning and overthinking.

Overthinking is not only related to our professional goals, even in personal life and relationships we end up overthinking and analyzing minute details or moments that are not really relevant.

So filtering out the irrelevant details or moments while thinking, analyzing or creating strategy should be the first step.

What Is Overthinking?

Overthinking is to think about something for far too long and it should not be confused with thinking through all the aspects or scenarios, it is a state of mind that sets off the ability to rationalize the thinking and conclude. Sometimes it is the detective inside you, sometimes it is lack of confidence and a lot of times thinking with pre perceived conclusion.

Stop over thinking
How To Stop Over Thinking

Lets Discuss 5 Most Effective Tips To Stop Overthinking

Train Your Brain

The brain is the power house of our body and it works to find the logical end over any topic that has kept it occupied, while a lot of information may even disrupt the power house breaking down the subject, makes it easier for the brain.

Training the brain to break down the subject and to connect the flow of the subject is most vital step to stop overthinking.

Structure Your Story

We all in silence and when pondering over something are trying to tell ourselves a story. Does that story help you move forward or holds you back ? Simple idea is "How you want your story to be written is how your story is thought through."

You have to be kind to yourself and make the story simpler, try to find the positive aspect of the story, when the negativity in the story starts bothering you, gather the courage and find the solution for the worst case scenario rather than giving up.

Blast The Past

Visionary is a common adjective used for successful people and it suggests a forward looking approach, memories and moments hold you back.

People have happy and sad experiences in past and carrying that moment forward is a burden as former keeps you satisfied and later implants a fear.

The classic example of living in the fear of the past is for those who were cheated in a relationship develop the instinct to doubt and current partners suffer with the person for the mistakes committed by someone in the past, Doesn't sound fair, right?

So stop living in past and move forward.

Live In The Moment

It could be a continuation of the previous point, but consider this as the most critical and effective way to stop overthinking. Past is gone and future is yet to come, everytime you are breathing its the present, when the body, biology and nature gives you oxygen to live in the ticking moment, why would you be the rebel and move ahead of the nature.

Its good to be ambitious but its also good to be grateful, grateful for what you have and who you have around you. If for a moment you stop bothering or overthinking on what happened in past or what will happen in future and you decide to smile alone or with people around you, no one is going to stop you.

Be Fair To Yourself

Having said thinking over past and future makes you overthink, does not mean you should not analyze the mistakes of the past or you should not create a blueprint for the future. When the thought process is solution oriented and you are courageous enough to find your mistakes and try not to repeat it in present or future, it will be the time when thoughts and action will be optimized for happy present life and happier future.


Overthinking is a mental dilemma oscillating between past and future, that has a direct impact on our personal and professional life and getting rid of this is the best gift you can give to you and your loved ones

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