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How To Move On After A Break Up?

Relationships are complicated but so are the break ups that you have to deal with. Finding someone is not easy but forgetting someone is even harder and if you are not the one who lost interest in relationship, God bless you. You will have to go through a lot of pain.

And if you were not the one who called off the relation and were totally invested in it, you wouldn’t have a side chic or a side dude to lend the shoulder.

Day of the breakup

On the day of break up and may be that week you try hard to move on, meet friends, try to socialize but your friends won’t be there every moment and that moment of loneliness will make you feel like crap.

Trying to get back together

You decide to fix things and get your ex back and you try to reach them over phone but they don’t respond and the worst thing would be if they are on another call. That is the moment of 135 missed calls in 40 minutes.

Condolences, you have lost them again.

But is there a way to get them back?

Well there is nothing that can never be achieved.

We will discuss few killer techniques to make them feel it’s they who are on losing side.

Enjoy The Space and Liberty

You have to start engaging yourself in new things or take up your passion, when someone leaves you they do it only when they feel they can manage without you and they even feel life would be better without you.

But if they don’t hear from you begging to comeback, they get a sense that you are managing well without them and you have sorted out yourself, that makes them curious, a bit jealous and it also breaks down their ego.

Now they are emotionally vulnerable and they might make the mistake of contacting you, but don’t make the mistake of breaking down and telling them how lonely you feel.

Out of respect take the call but keep the conversation short. You have the full liberty to cry buckets after you hung up but a small reason to smile.

Now wait for the second call, keep it short again and talk about anything but life without them.

After the second call if she contacts you, you may have them back around 50%.

Now there is no timeline when this will happen but if it happens you can’t make mistakes.

On the 3rd or 4th call, you can casually ask them for some small outing or lunch. Don’t ask for dinner or Netflix and chill.

BFF of Opposite Sex

BFF’s of opposite sex in medical term are painkillers; they will fill the emotional vacuum created after your break up and if BFF’s are also ready to be friends with benefits, do you really need to get your ex back ?

If you still want your ex back, you are too practical for this mundane life. You consider love and physical relation as two different things. You have already achieved moksha; you should share it to your poor friends who are still trying to figure out to move on or to get her back.

The new BFF makes your ex curious on what is the extent of intimacy, with your new BFF and that may also lead to step one, and she contacts you and the same process should take its course.

Upgrade Yourself

Well putting an effort to get what was yours just a few days ago seems like too much to ask but as you are projecting yourself not affected at all by someone dumping you, you need to project it across your physical appearance.

Chill no one is asking you to get a six pack abs or a bikini body, but you can’t have a messy self of you in front of them where the only thing your ex can do is pity on you.

Get a makeover, follow fashion, wear trendy clothes and smile. Be radiant and funny with others around, they might feel how I let this wonderful, amazing person go.

And there could be 100 points but the basic concept is being careless, happy, social and funny. You are screwed up internally but you have to send a signal to your ex that they didn’t matter as much as they thought.

Make them curious on what you are up to, make them jealous, and make them feel you are more than what they could have ever explored.

And if any of it doesn’t work accept the hard reality that the damage done to the relationship is far too much to fix and most probably they have moved on.

And if they have, respect their decision as in love you wanted to make them happy and someone else is doing it for you. This is outsourcing without consent but seriously move on.

Call your BFF right now.

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