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How to keep going when you have had enough?

I am sure we have all been through it, we have been working towards our goals and ambitions in the hope of making it big and time and time again life has put hurdles and challengers our way. No matter how many times you fail, you pick yourself and keep going but sometimes it can be too much, sometimes giving up is easier.

Then you reach an emotional state where you just keep going without feeling anything. Almost like you have resigned and given up, but you must keep going. Your dreams are your own to create, sometimes you have to give up, like if you continued to pursue a failed business venture when you have explored every avenue and opportunity. If it isn’t going to work then you have to listen and change direction.

We share some tips with pursuing your goals and why continuing to work towards your dreams is where you want to get to

1. There was a reason why your dreams stood the test of time

If your goals were something you have had for a short period of time then it’s easier to change them or change direction but if you have been working towards them for the last 20-30 years by educating yourself, pushing yourself along, creating all this knowledge within you which you hope to apply to something, then giving up is the last thing you want to do. There was a reason why the dream you had was inside you and lasted as long as it did.

2. Making it work is what will make you happy

Maybe your happiness comes from making it work, maybe giving up makes you more depressed. The only way for you to be truly happy is to continue to make it work. Otherwise you will feel miserable at the thought of never getting what you have always wanted.

3. You have invested too much

Maybe you spent the last 6 months of your time, effort and energy into creating something only to find that the thing you had hoped would work didn’t. Maybe you gave up every element of your social life to pursue something, only to face a hurdle or a set-back and instead of finding a solution you are quitting. You have spend so much time and effort on your venture you at least want some return.

4. Your dream isn’t as specific as you think

Your long term goals can be very high level not specific. Maybe your goal is to be rich, instead of to start a successful restaurant. The former is what is in your heart of hearts, the restaurant I to help you get to it.

Maybe your goal is to be happy, the short term pain is for the ultimate aim.

5. Your path to your ultimate goal isn’t linear

Given how generic and all encompassing your goal is, there isn’t a linear path to your goal, you may change how you get there. For example if you want to be rich, why focus on one thing at a time, why not diversify and do many things at the same time or something different. Maybe a restaurant was your dream but teaching people or creating cooking videos is how you will make the money. Don’t just follow a linear path.


Life will throw many obstacles in your direction, you have to continue to find solutions to the obstacles and hurdles you are facing. Keep your emotions strong and continue to fight for your ultimate dream, it won’t be easy and it will take time but one day it will pay off.

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