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How to approach a girl in a Club amidst Coronavirus, will my Ebola strategy work?

End of 2013 a significant portion of the world was scared with the EBOLA epidemic and people were taking precautions especially going to night clubs and parties. I was in my late 20s and living with my Latina girlfriend, neither the possessive “Chica” wanted me to leave home and end up in someone else’s bed nor did I want to leave the bed leaving her alone.

I was kind of sorted and the issues my single friends had with going out and scoring chicks was laughable but then came a day January 23rd, 2014, when my girlfriend dropped the bomb and she decided to break up with me. Just in a couple of weeks the laughable problem my friends were facing was my problem too.

My ex-girlfriend packed her bags and left my home by 6:30 PM of 23rd January 2014; I was in no mood to cry over the break up and wanted to do something crazy. I called an urgent meeting at 8 PM the same day to fix the problem as without scientists telling us we were practicing social distancing then.

After a long discussion we came to a conclusion that we need to organize a house party and test everyone who will enter our private venue. We actually hired a nurse who was trained to test EVD for $250 a night for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We had everything set up and there were just 2 conditions put in place for entry; attendees needed to be EBOLA negative and a female.I think that weekend was the weekend alone in my life where I and my friends had at least 10 options ready for us.

Now after 6 years I feel we went a little extreme just to have fun but sometimes you do things to feel like a King.

In current context it has been worse and we have managed through the tough time staying closed and alone. After six months of lockdown businesses are opening up and then closing because of a sudden surge, so it is our responsibility to make sure we are not the reason for spreading the virus.

Organizing a house party and proper testing still makes sense, even basic tools like thermometer and certificate of negative test should suffice for allowing entry but still going out could be more fun for some if your friends are not as cool as mine were.


So I am writing down some of the diligently thought measures to stop the spread of virus and with or without social distancing score the chick in flower or fire print one piece.

Gadget And Tools

Perfume, watch, cash and condoms with nice get up used to be a must when going out in normal days but amidst the pandemic a trendy mask and a handy sanitizer need to be accommodated, even surgical gloves can reduce the chances of catching the virus.


Go with bills and coins, getting the balance back after you buy drinks at the bar increases the chance of virus transmission, also keep the option open to pay by scanning the bar code.

Approach Her

I am not sure where you are reading this article from but in most of South America to approach a girl in the club the first move is to come close to her and try to start grinding and if she is not interested she will humbly walk away, but in 2020 we are talking about maintaining a distance of 6 feet from the strangers, so the horny South American technique is a no.

I think the way in which the British approach girls in a club is close to what we should do, stay 6 feet away from the “target” and start a wavy move, slowly try to get her attention and if she looks at you, keep looking at her. With a hand gesture try to communicate, if she smiles, responds or you see a sync in how the “vulture” and the “prey” is grooving, take a step further, now you are 3-4 feet away. Offer her the sanitizer and if she accepts it, you can take another step closer. Keep in mind both have their masks on. As she has sanitized you can hold her hand and turn her around or wear surgical gloves.

Don’t Let The Mask Slip

I know if you just enjoyed dancing you could have continued with your friend, as the opportunity is in your hand you want to move further but with the loud music and mask on, there is no point breaking the flow, either take her out to a quiet place or continue grooving.

Even Pitbull amidst pandemic won’t say “Give Me Everything Tonight”, so be patient and talk through the night, drop her home and take her number. Maybe you will be perceived as a genuine person who may take a relationship seriously. Then you can make your decision.


What happens next, no one knows but as a young individual you have done your bit to stop the spread and tried to have fun at the same time, and if you failed at the approaching stage. Repeat. #ClubLife

Note: Please read recent lockdown rules and remain compliant; the above is how I approached Ebola and extrapolated for Coronavirus, but I have personally not socialized a single day in last 6 months.

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