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It mostly happens in a movie when you see the accused not really bothered about the outcome in a courtroom trial as he is too carefree to be scared, in normal life we see people trying to show their best and sometimes even pretend to be sincere.

But it seems Demetrius Lewis is that smooth criminal who has his priority sorted, he might not want to stay in the prison but wants to see the judge every day.

Or maybe he was running against time and wanted to check his resolution of 2021 to have a valentine for 14th February and in a rush the first woman he talked to, he opened up his heart for her.

Demetrius Lewis appeared in Judge Tabitha Blackmon's Fort Lauderdale courtroom Thursday for his bail hearing. Due to COVID, it was held remotely, but Lewis was still determined to kick some game by flirting with her.

He opened with, "Judge you so gorgeous. I just had to tell you. I love you, I love you."

Yeah, Lewis poured it on pretty thick, and actually got a smile out of Judge Blackmon ... who seemed receptive, as reported by TMZ.

Lewis is facing charges of attempted burglary and ecstasy possession, and also got vocal during the prosecutor's remarks, blurting out, "Whaaat??!!"

Entertaining for sure, but he might wanna let a lawyer do the talking. Judge Blackmon set his bail at $5,000 ... and Romeo's still sitting in jail.

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