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Heard Depp accusations: Who is right?

The Heard Depp drama continues. Johnny Depp is suing the British newspaper The Sun for a 2018 article which labelled him as a wife beater. Both Heard and Depp have been giving their own version of what happened.

It is slightly difficult to know what is true and what isn’t, but it is like watching a movie. We bring you the top moments from Amber Depp abuse case based on the trial which started on 7 July.

1. Depp accuses Heard of manipulating him into a relationship.

The two met on set in 2011 while filming for “The Rum Diary” and married in February 2015 before filing for divorce in May 2016 which formally concluded in 2017. So, a very short marriage.

According to several media reports, he has described the actress as "a narcissist" who's "calculating," and "sociopathic". According to him “she had an agenda, namely to get married to me in order to progress her own career and/or to benefit financially, and she knew how to bring it about.” “She presented herself as a carbon copy of me, with precisely the same interests, thoughts, favorite writers, taste in music and art as me," he claimed.

Apparently, she went as far as telling him she admired all his films except he later discovered she hadn’t seen any of them.

2. He claims she "severed his finger with the second of two thrown vodka bottles" and put out a cigarette on his face during a March 2015 row in Australia.

She says he caused the injury himself when he smashed a telephone against a wall.

Apparently, he then used the blood from his hand to write “I love you” on the mirror as well as accusing her of being a fraud and cheating on him with Billy Bob Thornton.

Amber then supposedly had a mental breakdown “begging Johnny not to leave the house” while also “screaming at him for running away” according to Johnny’s body guard.

They used a coverup story of injuring his finger while cutting onions to avoid bad press.

3. In the same incident in Australia Amber says it was a “three-day ordeal of physical assault” and she was “scared for her life.”

Amber says that he spat in her face, choked her against a fridge causing her to run to the bathroom. By the end, she had "a broken lip, swollen nose and cuts all over her body."

Apparently, they had also caused $150,000 worth of damage to the property including leaving blood on sofas and urinating on walls.

4. Amber or one of her friends defacated in the bed

The day the marriage was called off was the day Amber or supposedly one of her friends defecated in the bed in their department. She later said it had just been “a harmless prank”.

Then when the housekeeper sent the pictures to Depp of the faeces, Heard accused her of trying to ruin her marriage.

“Ms. Heard continued to disagree with me, but I wanted to end the conversation as quickly as possible," said the housekeeper on the sixth day of trial. "She has a bad temper in my opinion, and I did not want her to yell at me." Amber's team, meanwhile, has suggested that it was actually Johnny — who started referring to his missus as "Amber Turd" — who defecated in the bed.

5. Amber accused Johnny of hanging her dog out of the window

Depp denied the claim that he held one of her two tea cup puppies out of a moving vehicle but when confronted of their long running joke about putting the pup in the microwave, he didn’t deny it and fessed up to giving him hashish on one occasion claiming that the dog “scooped it up before he could do anything about it.”

6. Johnny wanted to drown and burn his wife

The Sun presented texts as evidence between the Paul Bettany and Johnny who took drugs together, where Johnny joked about drowning and burning his then-wife "to make sure she's dead." In one exchange, they joked about buying a pet beaver for Amber and then recording Johnny shaving it so they could post a clip online titled “Johnny Depp shaves Amber Heard’s beaver.”

7. Depp kicked her after accusing her of having an affair with Faro then accused her of crying about it

He says he confronted her and then locked himself into the plane’s bathroom where he slept all night.

8. She “haymarkered” him

Depp says when he told Amber he lost $750 million in a shady deal on the night of her birthday party she tried to punch him.

She says he threw a champagne bottle, pulled her hair, grabbed her by the throat and pushed her and her sister.

9. Amber stole her PA's sex abuse story

According to the former PA she stole the story and made it into her own abuse story.

10. Depp accused Amber of having an affair with Elon Musk

The pair dated after Amber split with Depp but claimed they never had an affair. Depp responded by texting a string of graphic and sexually derogatory names branding her a “gold digger” and “50% stripper” along with much more.

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