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He called the police on Adele's fan for singing her song, who would hate Adele?

If you're a fan of the popular British singer, Adele, you might also be interested in knowing that someone hates her music to an extent that they have called police. Whom? Let’s find out.

Surprising, it is none other than her father, Adele's estranged father Mark Evans reportedly called the police on his next-door neighbor in Bridgend, South Wales, for playing his famous daughter's songs.

Adele’s biological father, now 56, who walked out on his family when the Grammy winner was just three, leaving her mother Penny Adkins to raise her single-handedly – is said to have been annoyed when Adele’s super fan Keeley Fry started blasting her hits.

Talking to The Sun UK, Keeley, a 21-year-old neighbor to Mike has said,

'I just love singing Adele’s songs. All my friends say I sound just like her. I love playing her songs, too. I do play them loudly but not as bad as he makes out.'

According to the fan and mother of one she has moved in next door to Mark Evans and his wife almost two years ago and had problems with one another since then. In her defence Keeley added that;

'He asked me to not sing so loud or play my music loudly. He said it was affecting his sleep and that it’s very disturbing. I was surprised because I’m such a big Adele fan and most of the time I play her songs and sing along to them.'

The fan feels that she is in trouble with her neighbor because of her admiration for a famous singer that happens to be his daughter. She is also scared that the couple may attempt to do something grave to her and for that reason she is nervous to leave the house. A South Wales Police spokesperson said;

'The local Neighbourhood Policing Team is aware and is arranging to speak to both parties to resolve the matter.'

Mark was given limelight after the success of Adele and in 2013 he sat down for an interview and confessed he failed as a father and takes full responsibility. According to him he was in touch with Adele even after leaving her mother as she used to come to Wales for her summer vacation to spend time with her grandfather.

But after the death of Adele’s grandfather in 1999, Mike suffered a breakdown and lost touch with Adele.

Well maybe now he is annoyed because he is not part of Adele’s success and lavish life but that’s fair because he was not the part of her struggle. What are your thoughts?

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