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Harry Styles' leaked pictures in a mermaid outfit going viral

Harry Styles is once again trending as his pictures from a 2019 photoshoot dress as a mermaid were leaked. The leaked pictures which have gone viral show Harry Styles wearing a seashell bra, green tail and red wig and holding a glass of champagne and a cigarette.

It wasn’t long before the internet joined in and created memes. Fans responded with;

Though the real reason behind the photoshoot which is thought to be for Saturday Night Live is not known, many believe it is to do with his speculated role in the little mermaid. He had been rumoured to be playing Prince Eric in the remake of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, but turned it down due to ‘scheduling conflict’.

Many believe that the real reason he turned it down may be because he actually wanted to play Ariel.

According to Page Six, other pictures were also leaked. Page Six reports;

“In one of the images that made it to air, Styles kept the serious modeling face and the champagne and cigarettes, but swapped the mermaid look for a ballerina outfit, jumping for joy in a tutu.
In other photos, he poses with a harp, wearing a puffy shirt befitting of Prince Eric.”

Seems like Harry Styles has once got everyone talking about what he is wearing.

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