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Hailey Bieber Slams The Publisher For Spreading Pregnancy Rumor

Baby Baby Baby awwww is the song hailey beiber is not in the mood to sing any sooner and if she does, it will only be for her singer husband Justin Beiber.

Rumors were making the rounds about her Pregnancy as Us Weekly intended to report that she's expecting her first child with the singer but wifey bieber cleared all the air around such rumors on Thursday, Nov. 5, writing on her Instagram Story that she's "not pregnant.

She has also slammed the publisher for spreading rumors as she wrote:

"Please stop writing false stories from your 'sources' and focus on what's important aka the election."

Married in 2018, the star couple have always openly discussed when asked about the idea of having kids, they are totally onboard with the idea but want to have their own time as a married couple.

There are some to-do lists that need to be checked before they start their family as Justin said in an interview earlier this year.

Justin explained,

"I want to enjoy being married for a little bit, go on tour, be married, enjoy traveling with just us, build more of our relationship. And I think, yeah, that is definitely the next step for sure."

The publisher who wrote the false story was confused when Hailey recently revealed she's excited to have kids, particularly a daughter that she can pass her cashmere sweaters down to.

She joked that she's saving her Bottega Veneta sweater for her daughter because "it's never going to go out of style."

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