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Gwen Stefani Asks Ellen DeGeneres to Be Her Maid of Honor

Ellen DeGeneres may have been labelled the ‘meanest person alive’ but that hasn’t stopped Gwen Stefani asking her to be her maid of honor at her upcoming wedding to Blake Shelton.

The superstar made an appearance on the Wednesday episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show where she jokingly asked the question.

"You haven’t been here since you’ve been engaged—what’s happening with the wedding planning? I know Miley Cyrus said that she would sing at your wedding. Is there anything I can do?” Ellen said.

“I was thinking about that a lot and I was thinking, I was picturing like a mauve, like, bride’s maid. Maybe maid of honor, you know? We can put some extensions in and we can do—make it full, like, full flower arrangements. All that stuff,” Gwen said.

Hmm..Ellen wearing mauve and hair extensions would certainly be a new look for Ellen, but that did not stop her from agreeing.

“Just tell me the time and the place and I will be there. I don’t mind doing any of that for you, because you’re my friend and anything you ask, I will wear. I will put extensions in my hair. Anything at all. That’s how much I love you Gwen,” Ellen said.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been dating since 2015 and after five years together got engaged in October 2020.

A source quoted by Us Weekly revealed that the duo will get married early 2021 at a chapel built on the grounds of Shelton's Oklahoma ranch.

Speaking to the outlet in 2020, the source revealed;

“Blake built a chapel on the grounds of his Oklahoma ranch. He did it himself with help. They are going to get married in the chapel, most likely early next year.”

An exact date is not yet known but we are just as excited as everyone else to find out more.

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