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George Michael's ex lover Kenny Goss is planning to sue singer's sister demanding $15,000 per month

Though George Michael may have a controversial past, He was rarely making news for controversial reasons when we were growing up. Even if we were not listening to any of his songs throughout the year, Christmas was all about his song in the background.

Nearly four years of him passing away, his past has triggered the news as George, who died on Christmas Day in 2016 at the age of 53, did not leave any money to Ex-Lover Goss in his £96.7million Will, but the Texan, 62, launched a legal bid after claiming he was reliant on George's money when the singer was alive after reportedly being paid a generous monthly allowance before their split in 2009.

And if we believe the report from daily mail UK, George Michael's 'devastated' family vow his ex-lover Kenny Goss will get nothing after he sued the late singer's estate demanding £15,000 A MONTH.

This claim by George Michael’s ex-lover has left demised star’s father stunned and devastated.

A close family member revealed to The Sun that;

'The family is angry about this and think Kenny is being heartless and disrespectful.'
'They think that — if George really meant something to him — he would let him rest in peace instead of trying to drag his name through the courts.'
'They think Kenny is chancing his arm. They've said they don't want to give him a single penny.'

Goss has in fact done everything to make the family furious as he claimed George was 'not in his right mind' when he made the will in 2013.

According to daily mail the bulk of the singer's fortune went to his sisters Melanie and Yioda, with smaller amounts going to his father, close friends and former staff.

His partner at the time of his death, Fadi Fawaz, was also not left anything.

Goss is allegedly claiming he gave up his career to care for George during their 13-year relationship.

He is suing Yioda - who is George's only surviving sister after Melanie died aged 59 last Christmas - and Kyriacos and wants at least £15,000 a month.

Well we are not legal experts but if they were not married, I am not sure how strong his alimony claim is.

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