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Floyd 'Money' Mayweather will fight Logan Paul except his brother Jake Paul doubts he will win

Floyd 'Money' Mayweather will fight Logan Paul in an exhibition bout on February 20, it has been confirmed.

And the latest reaction, in fact a concern is coming from the family of Logan and that pretty much sums everyone else’s sentiments who are keeping an eye on this development.

According to TMZ, even Logan Paul’s family thinks fighting Floyd Mayweather is a terrible idea. Jake Paul ripped his brother’s ability to fight, saying Logan is “f---ed” against Mayweather.

Mayweather is the undefeated American, who boasts a stunning 50-0 record, has not fought since his New Year's Eve exhibition in Japan back in 2018, where he knocked out Tenshin Nasukawa in one right.

Now there is no reason not to be afraid, but Brother Jake has also shown concern over its impact on the sports as he believes it’s “bad for the sport” and “for clout.” But the most surprising statement from Jake was when he claimed he is the “real fighter” in the family, not Logan.

Indeed Jake has a better record than his brother when it comes to boxing, In November, Jake Paul “defeated” former NBA player Nate Robinson in a farcical boxing match that was widely panned by all who watched it. Based on that — and a few other fights — Jake Paul believes he’s a better fighter than Logan.

If you are thinking the brothers might fight with each other to find the undisputed champ in the Paul family, nothing is impossible if it interests the audience.

Now those of you who know less about the Paul family and their connection with boxing, the two brothers Jake and Logan Paul are YouTube personalities and in an effort to keep their fans interested, maybe after running out of content ideas they shifted their focus towards boxing.

In 2018, Logan Paul fought YouTuber KSI. The fight — which ended in a draw — brought in over 750,000 viewers. The two fought again a year later. Paul lost that fight.

And now fighting with the undefeated in a month, Most boxing experts feel it’s a terrible move by Paul ... and awful for the sport according to Yahoo News.

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