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Finally Revealed How Bennifer 2.0 Actually Started And How Alex Rodriguez Lost JLo

Things between Ben and Jen are pretty stable right now but the speed at which their romance rekindled left many of us surprised and while we were assuming it all started after 15th April, when the singer officially broke up with Alex Rodriguez, to set the record straight, Ben was at work since February this year, right after he broke up with Ana De Armas.

The hunky actor tried to rekindle his old romance with the “Jenny from the Block” singer by sending her love letters while she was still engaged to the former Yankees slugger, as reported by TMZ.

Some insiders have also claimed that since early february the old flame were in regular contact by email”

Their correspondence began after Lopez traveled to the Caribbean to film “Shotgun Wedding,” and the emails were more “loving and longing for Jen” than friendly, the source alleged.

What we are reading as published by different outlets, Affleck told his ex fiance how beautiful she looked in photos from the Dominican Republic. Meanwhile, Lopez allegedly told the actor he could “own her heart” with his pen.

Their allegedly flirty communication apparently continued throughout Lopez’s time on the set of her upcoming movie, which wrapped filming in April.

There were also rumors that Alex was cheating on Jlo and it was in march when they privately separated, Alex has tried to convince Jlo and was expecting reconciliation, but those love letters from Ben made it easy for Jenny to move on and made it impossible for Alex to win her back.

And since then We’ve seen displays of the rekindled romance everywhere from West Hollywood to Miami to Big Sky, Montana, and in each snap they seemed to be enjoying each others company.

Though there was an article on Page Six over the ‘Sad Affleck’ meme as one viewer pointed out, he was travelling to The UK for his upcoming project and was sad because he could not see Jlo in person for next few days. Honestly that is something many of us can relate to.

But there are also reports coming out claiming Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez are Planning BIG Summer Trip Together!

Can we expect Ben with a ring on his knees? Only time will tell.

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