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Fans react to Sophie Turner Posting Taylor Swift's new song about her ex, Joe Jonas

Taylor Swift has definitely kept fans guessing as they have tried to decode her vault songs which didn’t make it on her original 2008 album Fearless. Early Wednesday she released another song which took many fans by surprise and many think it is about Joe Jonas which is interesting of course given not so long ago she released another vault track “You All Over Me” which also appears to be about her ex, Joe Jonas.

Her new song called Mr Perfectly Fine is the story of a girl who sees her ex moving on from their breakup without a care, while she’s still wallowing in the split. When she released the song, she confirmed that it was a true story about her life at the time.

“Me in 2020: Life is chill, writing songs based in fiction to avoid drama, feeling pretty grown up,” Taylor wrote, referring to her 2020albums, Folklore and Evermore. “My 2008 music from the vault, in a goblin voice: REELEEEEEEEASE MR. PERFECTLY FIIIIIIIIINE.”

Just before she released her original album, Fearless, she had broken up with Joe Jonas. at the time only “Forever and Always” which was about their breakup made it on the album which was apparently added at the very last minute.

Joe at the time moved on to dating Camilla Belle and many of the lyrics in the song sound to be about that.

“I’ve been miss misery since your goodbye,” Taylor sings in the chorus. “And you’re Mr. perfectly fine.”

At one point in the song, many think she even alludes to Camilla by singing, “Cause I hear he’s got his arm around a brand new girl, I’ve been picking up my heart, he’s been picking up her.”

Joe Jonas of course moved on and eventually married Sofie Turner in 2019. After listening to the song, it would seem even Sophie turner loved it and posted it on her Instagram story. Fans responded with;

Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift are all thought to be on good terms. Maybe Sophie Turner simply posted it because she loved it rather than to remind Joe Jonas of his past. Tell us what you think. Thanks for..

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