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Fans believe Travis Barker's new tattoo is for Kourtney Kardashian

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian are fast becoming the much talked about couple. The 41 year old KUWTK star and 45 year old blink-182 drummer have proven to the world that no matter where you are in life love can find you at any age and what a better way to prove it than a tattoo or at least that’s what fan’s believe Travis Barker’s new tattoo to be about.

In a video shared to his Instagram on Thursday 25 March, Travis Barker showed off a tattoo on his upper thigh with the words “You’re So Cool!” which seemed to be inspired by the 1993 film, True Romance.

The tattoo perfectly matched the handwriting on a note Barker shared on his Instagram stories around the same time, showing the message written on a napkin from the Beverly Ambassador Hotel which was a location in the movie.

Fans believe that the tattoo goes beyond words inspired by a film but is actually him expressing his love for Kourtney Kardashian and could even be her writing, which does sound believable given she herself went on to comment on Instagram writing “You’re so cool!”

Though she has not said anything about the tattoo on her own Instagram she did drop a subtle acknowledgement of the relationship with heart-tipped manicures around Valentines day. Of course inking something permanent on your thigh does trump nails which can be easily removed.

Travis and Kourtney confirmed their relationship on 17 February through an Instagram picture after a month of speculation that the two have been dating though the pair first met in 2006 and have been neighbours for quite some time and bonded over their kids.

It took well over a decade for the two to get together but nice to see the two having found each other. Just goes to prove, love does find you unexpectedly sometimes.

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