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Fans are shocked at the Gwen Stefani and Saweetie "Slow Clap" song

Last night Gwen Stefani dropped a remix of her latest single “Slow Clap” which features Saweetie and it would seem Twitter is not liking it.

For those that don’t know, “Slow Clap” was actually released last month and is the second single in Gwen Stefani’s new album called “Let Me Reintroduce Myself.”

Despite Gwen doing all she can to promote it including performing it on GMA and Kimmel and telling her 11 million Instagram followers it got little to no traction. Some may say it had flopped so Gwen Stefani did what any good musician would do and teamed up with someone who is definitely hot right now and that someone is of course Saweetie.

It has been reported that even though Gwen had someone in her team looking for an artist to collab with her, she saw Saweetie’s Instagram story listening to “Luxurious” so reached out to her directly, who seemed only too keen.

The lyrics are simple but catching like Stefani’s music back in 2000s for those that remember Bananas from Hollaback Girls. This one is has lyrics which are more like clap, clap, clap-clap-clap.

The problem Gwen may be finding herself in though is her music sometimes feels immature, so some of her fanbase has grown out of her and she isn’t making the type of music the radio plays right now.

It seems fans on Twitter have also not liked the music. One wrote;

While Twitter may not have liked the new song and Saweetie fans definitely have not, there may still be hope in salvaging the song. Maybe Gwen should try some trending TikTok dance moves that everyone wants to do. It may work, tell us what you think?

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