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F-Factor Controversy Is Getting Ugly As Zuckerbrot's Diet Design Company Is Sending Legal Threat

Who doesn’t want to be in shape and if it comes easily, then that is a dream. The same dream was sold by The F-Factor almost 14 years ago. It was fancy and convenient when the wellness and diet creator Tanya Zuckerbrot said it aloud; "Eat carbs. Dine out. Drink alcohol. Work out less.”

A fitness mantra that resonated with many with undisciplined and fun filled lifestyle, but time and time again it has been proven good things don’t come easy.

The program has come under scrutiny after many who subscribed to the F-Factor diet program complained about experiencing health related issues.

According to an article published on Insider the customers of F-Factor have complained about eating disorders, hair loss, hives, and gastrointestinal distress — while following the diet and consuming its branded products, high-fiber bars and powders.

Emily Gellis Lande, A New York based fashion influencer became the voice for the customers and started sharing anonymous complaints on her Instagram stories. This led to more people joining the movement and Gellis Lande gained followers, resulting in 100s of posts, reposts and screenshots blaming the F-Factor.

Now the company and the celebrity dietitian has responded by saying in 20 years being in the industry this is the first time, they have received such complaints and rather than sending complaints on social media Gellis Lande should see them in their office.

But online sources also suggest that the company has been very active in deleting negative comments and reviews on social media and as Gellis Lande’s posts and stories are not under their control, they are attacking the influencer and the movement by calling it a slandering act.

F-Factor has also denied the claims made on social media over reaction and health issues after following their diet plans and consuming their products.

Zuckerbrot has repeated again and again that the agitation is to destroy her career and social media campaign is just farce and if there are some cases that have suffered the adversity, it has nothing to do with the F-Factor diets and must have been pre-existing conditions.

According to Insider;

One woman, 35, told Insider that just knowing F-Factor sent cease-and-desist letters to people who the company claims made "defamatory or disparaging" comments about Zuckerbrot or the company has made her afraid to use her name in interviews.

“F-Factor is sending cease-and-desist letters to some users, as they want to stop them from speaking up”.

The only counter F-Factor came up with was muscle flexing when they could not delete the opinions.

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