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Ex-patient of "Botched" star, Dubrow asking for $5 million

Terry J. Dubrow is an American plastic surgeon and television personality. He is known for co-hosting reality TV show botched where he tries to fix surgeries which have gone wrong, but is finding himself in a legal battle of his own.

In July 2019 he treated Sandy Scoggins for a buttock lift with fat flaps.

Scoggins is asking for 5 million dollars in a pre-lawsuit demand letter alleging Dubrow was negligent in providing her with medical treatment and care.

Dubrow who is represented by legal legend Larry Stein filed documents on Thursday claiming she is trying to extort money from him. He says he specifically advised her of the complications and to have aftercare from another doctor when returning home to Texas.

In her 901-page demand letter for $5 million she has asked him to pay or else she will file a federal lawsuit, report him to the medical board and drag his "Botched" show into the lawsuit as well as his staff if he didn't pay up according to TMZ.

Dubrow calls it an extortion campaign and will fight it in arbitration.

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