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Eva Mendes shots back at troll claiming she had a botched up plastic surgery

Fans of Eva Mendes have noticed her mysterious absence from social media so it’s no surprise that when she made it back there was a lot of speculation about her whereabouts.

On Saturday 30th January she took to Instagram to wish a friend happy birthday and took some time to reply to the comment section. A troll had claimed that she had taken a break from social media due to a botched up plastic surgery.

The troll wrote;

“she’s had work done and I don’t think she’s happy with it.. she was beautiful without.”

Eva who has two daughters and is currently with Ryan Gosling replied;

Some may say she did not directly deny work done, simply it was mainly family though it is open to interpretation.

Previously the actress and businesswoman had mentioned in a post that she took a step back from Instagram after her daughter told her she was “on the phone too much,” so it isn’t inconsistent. Both her and husband Ryan who she has been with for over a decade are private about their lives.

In a rare sighting on 27thJanuary she was spotted husband and daughters on a hike and what appeared to be a gold band on that finger which left many wondering if the couple were engaged but it wasn’t the first time she had been spotted with a gold band.

Hollywoodlife reports;

“Eva has actually been seen sporting a gold ring on her left ring finger a few times over the course of the last year. In early January 2020, the mother-of-two was spotted in Glendale wearing a similar-looking gold ring on her left ring finger. Plus, fans have noticed Eva wearing a ring in photos on her Instagram page. Then again, there are also images where she isn’t sporting a ring.”

It is undeniable that both Eva and Ryan have thus far proven themselves to be going strong. Plastic surgery or not she has clearly chosen to give her family as much time as she can.

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