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Erika Jayne And Lawyer Husband Tom Girardi, 81, Are Sued For Embezzling Funds

Erika Jayne is the glamorous star of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. Her looks and lifestyle are certainly the envy of many so when accusations of her embezzling money broke out everyone has been shocked.

It’s not like her fame started from the Real Housewives, her talents extend to her music career. She has attained nine number one songs on the Dance Club Songs chart as of 2020 and her debut single Roller Coaster even topped the US Billboard Dance Club songs chart in 2007. Not only this but she has also acted in numerous roles including American soap opera The Young and the restless.

Last we heard someone who is that well known made a lot of money, but in the case of Erika Jayne and her husband not to enough fund their lavish lifestyle and whats worse is that they are using money intended for family members of plane crash victims of Lion Air Flight 610 which crashed in 2018 and killed all 189 occupants.

In court documents obtained by several media outlets including Fox News and Us Weekly, Edelson PC, a law firm that represents corporate clients, is suing the couple, as well as several lenders and creditors for unjust enrichment, accounting, breach of contract, tortious interference with contract and conversion.

The lawsuit accuses Tom of "embezzling the proceeds of settlements that should have been directed to his clients --including, as the basis for this Complaint, the widows and orphans who lost loved ones in the tragic crash."

According to Us Weekly, the divorce is a cover-up and a sham attempt at covering up the debts. The documents claim:

“While Erika publicly filed for divorce this month, on information and belief, that ‘divorce’ is simply a sham attempt to fraudulently protect Tom’s and Erika’s money from those that seek to collect on debts owed by Tom and his law firm GK.”

The lawsuit goes on to claim that Tom’s “need to fund outrageous lifestyles for himself and his soon-to-be ex-wife” was the reason behind the divorce filing on 3 November 2020.

Claims were made thet Tom has used money meant for his clients to “release personal guarantees, pay down loans, route the money to friends and family and satisfy other outstanding debts.”

Erika reportedly announced her split from Tom and on the same day filed divorce paperwork, claiming irreconcilable differences to the the reason.

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood is clearly not what it would seem, for someone who is supposedly a role model this is truly shocking behaviour but the outcome is not yet known. Maybe there is half truth in all of this, maybe the divorce really is irreconcilable differences but the crash victim money to fund their own lifestyle is true or maybe it really is a coverup. Tell us what you think.

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