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Emiway Bantai: The Hip Hop sensation of India

There is a saying, when life gives you lemon, squeeze it well and make lemonade.

In this series of Have It All Daily we will celebrate people who made it big by shear talent and hard work. You can call it a rag to riches story, a story that will motivate, a story where determination was bigger than obstacles.

In the first episode of independent artists we will take you through the journey of “the organic guy”, the hip-hop sensation of India, Emiway Bantai.

Emiway Bantai was born on 13th November 1995 in Mumbai. His real name is Bilal Shaikh but he prefers the name Shahrukh Shaikh more or Emiway.

It may be shocking when a bright student drops out of college but it might be unbelievable when a timid and introvert is spitting fire and giving it back to his haters using his work.

Emiway’s success story started on the last bench of a classroom where one of his classmates was humming a song named ‘NOT AFRAID’ by Eminem. He then got introduced to rapping.

He was fascinated by the lyrics and asked for the name of the song, after 3 days of listening and practicing he rapped it for his friends who were taken aback by shy Bilal’s flow.

Soon he was famous in his school for his rapping skills and he started writing verses in English, his friends suggested he composes songs and releases them on YouTube.

As Emiway knew what his real passion was, he pursued it and released his original compositions in English but the views were disheartening. It was 2013 and million views were a dream even for big celebrities, but standing at 200 views was not helping.

Then came the golden words by his father who did not ask him to quit rapping but change the language and rap in Hindi to address the local audience.

That has changed the world for Emiway and his song released in 2014 with the title “Aur Bantai” has taken off and 6 years down it stands at 8.3 million views.

In the last couple of years he has shown his versatility in writing about real life issues, fun and bling, he has also flawlessly used Hindi and English to reach out to a global audience and collaborated with many independent artists across the globe.

When rap superstar Wiz Khalifa brought his thunderous two-city Sunburn Arena showcase to India in September 2019, Emiway had the audience in Mumbai on its feet before Khalifa took to the stage.

His lyrical dominance and dynamic flow is heard all around and this is just the beginning for the 25 year old hip-hop sensation and we will try to reach out to him to schedule an interview as soon as he notices us and we will even try to do it in Hindi.

In the next video for this series of independent artists we are still doing our research, if you have any suggestions please let us know in the comment box.

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