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Elon Musk plays evil Mario on Saturday Night Live

If you thought Elon Musk was the only special guest on Saturday Night Live then you would be wrong, his wife Grimes also appeared in one of the sketches which focussed on our favourite video game characters in court over murder if Mario.

Elon playing the role of Wario, the evil Mario was put on trial to be cross examined but he denied being “evil” but just “misunderstood”.

He instried tried to pin the murder on Mario’s brother, Luigi which was played by Kyle Mooney. Elon’s character Wario claimed that he was having an affair which his girlfriend Princess peach which was played by Grimes.

“You a lie! We never a sleep together!” Luigi yelled in the courtroom, as Grimes’ Princess Peach backed him up.

“I never touch him under the overall’s” Princess Peach insisted.

The cross examiner then revealed some questionable texts between the pair sent at 3:17 a.m.

“Hey Luigi, my faucet’s dripping. I need a plumber who can really lay some pipes” text Princess Peach

The reply from Luigi was; “U up? I am..” before sending a video.

Luigi then prepared to throw a turtle at the stand — another classic Mario game move — as Pete Davidson‘s Andrew Cuomo interrupted the enter debacle.

“Please don’t believe the horrible stereotypes you see in the Mario universe…we are just two misunderstood Italian Americans,” Pete’s Andrew said.

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