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Ellen's Ex Producer Made A Shocking Claim About Ellen Being Fired

Ellen had a terrific 18 seasons on her show but 19th season was turbulent, and over the years the love and support she received from her viewers disappeared in a jiffy and a large portion of internet turned angry over her behavior in past, several allegations of bad behavior, toxic work culture and Ellen pretending to be kind but a horrible person in real life, hit the host and her show in the worst way possible.

Ellen tried to salvage her (image and the show) by releasing an apology video, but now after confirming her exit, she quickly lashed out at those who demanded her to be cancelled, proves yet again, that she was not sorry over the claims and the apology was not so sincere.

Also while exiting, she is claiming the decision to end the show was long over due and to keep her arrogance on the top shelf she has ignored the fact that a large portions of her viewers have moved on because of her recent image as a horrible person in real life.

Talking to 7News Australia, Ellen's former producer Hedda Muskat has not only slammed the talk show host for her behavior but made a jaw dropping statement, that Ellen is fired by the people.

We cant agree more and as we said in our previous video, her ratings slashed drastically, sponsors are not so keen and it is also possible that many celebrities dont want to appear in her show, making the economics of The Ellen Show a disaster, no one wants to continue with.

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