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Ellen DeGeneres Show's Rule, If You Are Ugly Sit Far From The Camera, Insider Claims

Allegations against Ellen is like an EMI that comes every month and every month it reminds us that Ellen DeGeneres is not the fun-loving people person she pretends to be on television.

Celebs, staff, in studio crowd and even a waitress who has served her have spoken about Ellen being not so nice.

The second and third quarter of 2020 would have been the most disturbing time in years for the talk show host as reports about DeGeneres bullying her staff and creating a toxic work environment circulated non-stop.

It was equally tough for Ellen’s fans to accept any of it being true and those who believed the claims, might have to live with trust issues for their lives. No wonder Ellen is a powerful personality in showbiz and those claiming that Ellen has been fired from her own show were proven wrong.

Ellen made her comeback with 18th season but only after Warner Media has conducted their internal investigation and decided to fire three producers. Now it will take time to evaluate if firing the producers has really brought the change or the better decision would have been to cancel the show as many were demanding online.

While Ellen has moved forward with season 18, the claims and allegations are not stopping and the most the surprising fact is that every time the claims are unique and something hard to believe. The latest claim has to do with fans who showed up for tapings, having been falsely assured that they would get a seat in the audience.

“The audience members who don’t get a seat for whatever reason were taken to the Riff-Raff Room where they could watch the show on monitors," an insider told UK tabloid The Sun.

The most disturbing part of the claim is grading based on the looks of the audience guests. As the show was always overbooked the audience hopefuls were graded on their looks.

"The better-looking ones at the front so they get on camera more, the uglier ones at the back," the source added.

Ellen’s audience guests are predominantly female and judging them by their looks, size and shape is definitely toxic.

Now if it was producers’ call or Ellen’s call the sad state of affair is this is how the show biz is and hypocrisy is when the celebs from showbiz raise concerns about discrimination and inequality but don’t try to bring change in their ecosystem. What are your thoughts?

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