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Dwayne Johnson shocked Prince William won the world's sexiest bald man title

Good hair whether you are a man or a woman is very important but the difference is if you are a man then losing your hair isn’t that bad and you can stil win the world’s sexiest bald man title.

Stanley Tucci and Dwayne Johnson have definitely been on that list for some time except on Saturday 27 March it was Prince William that won the title which was based on amount of time sexy was mentioned for each celebrity on the internet.

While Stanley did not even make it on top 10, he did take to social media to express his views

“Whose crown should wear this crown? So many wonderful choices,”

Stanley wrote on Instagram along with a collage of bald celebrities, including himself, Dwayne, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Patrick Stewart, and Tilda Swintonas her bald character The Ancient One from Doctor Strange.

Interesting that Stanley felt compelled to including himself and of course no mention of William.

Dwayne was also shocked at the choices and commented that he expected Larry David to win the title.

“How in the cinnamon toast f*ck does this happen – when Larry David clearly has a pulse?!?!#demandingrecount,” Dwayne wrote along with ballot checkmark emoji and smiley face emoji.

Other included Michael Jordan and Pitbull.

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