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Dr. Dre's estranged wife Nicole Young wants his mistresses' finances questioned by court

Prenups can be a pretty wonderful thing for those wanting to know if the person they want to spend the rest of their life with isn't marrying them for their money. Although it can also show mistrust amongst some couples.

Regardless the terms of a prenup are usually pretty clear and if ever there is divorce it can reduce the headache but as with all relationships there is give and take and if you have always given more than your partner then it can seem a little unfair that he is walking away with everything to gain while you have spent pretty much all your life trying to please someone and will never get anything back, not even after divorce.

So it’s no wonder that Nicole Young, Dr Dre’s estranged wife is questioning how exactly did Dr Dre keep his mistresses. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, she is asking the court to question the mogul’s alleged mistresses over money, and wants them to sit for depositions as soon as possible.

Young filed for divorce last June and is taking aim at three women who she says were in intimate relationships with Dre during their 25-year marriage. She says one of these women had purchased a $2 million-plus home—in cash—back in 2019, and wants to know if Dre funded the purchase.

She says the mistresses are however playing her and trying to delay the depositions until after the court determines whether the prenup agreement remains valid.

51-year-old, Nicole Young says she wants the women questioned immediately, as their depositions could affect her spousal support and the court’s decision on the prenup.

She initially claimed she and Dre had not signed a prenuptial, but later clarified that her husband had tore it up, rendering it null and void due to their better times in marriage. Clearly she is not happy and will not walking away until she gets what she feels she deserves.

Dre and Young were married for around 24 years before announcing their split. They share two children, son Truice Young, 24 and daughter Truly Young, 20.

Their divorce has increasingly become messy of late, there have been allegations of infidelity, abuse, money laundering, and assets fraud.

The Beats Electronics founder has been reportedly been giving Young $293,306 monthly amid their split, according to the Daily Mail and in addition he gave her $2 million in a one-time payment for temporary support in the wake of a brain aneurysm he suffered last month at his home. He is reported to be worth over $800 million dollars.

It will be interesting to see how this story unfolds. Stay tuned as we bring you more stories.

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