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Does money make you happy?

Admitting that you want lots of money is often frowned upon and met with a patronising explanation of why money doesn’t make you happy, but is it so wrong to want money? Well, not necessarily and here is why.

1. You will have less life worries

Some may say money doesn’t buy you happiness but it certainly goes a long way in stopping you from the stress and worry people that don’t have enough money face day in and day out such as not having enough money to pay your bills.

It is easy for those that live in comfort, nice warm houses to make statements like money doesn’t buy you happiness but ask anyone struggling to make ends meet, having to wear several layers of clothing to keep warm and to set themselves budgets just to make ends meet and they will tell you exactly what money could do for them.

2. You won't constantly think about what you are spending on

Imagine going into a shop and seeing that phone you have always wanted or walking past an overly expensive coffee shop and thinking how nice it would be just to rest your feet for a minute and sit in a nice place to drink coffee and eat cake.

If you are struggling with money you will most likely think twice about the £5 coffee and the £8 cake that most places charge (London prices). This could be a meal for a whole family for 2 days if you were put it into the context of pasta costing £1 for a bag and lasts a long time.

If you had money you could just take that moment out for a minute to yourself and drink a nice cup of coffee in a nice place for a change and buy yourself that phone, dress, handbag without even thinking about it.

3. You will have greater knowledge

Have you ever noticed how people that have had an expensive upbringing just know so much more. They prosper more in jobs, they are articulate, come with varied skills and impressive resumes. They are good at sports, know a lot about politics, current affairs, able to have intellectual conversations and are more confident overall.

In comparison those that have limited opportunities and not such an expensive education may not find themselves as rounded. Overall these people also tend to not thrive as much in the corporate world. Sure the world is changing and there is greater diversity but skills need to be considered and it is hard to not give a job to someone that genuinely is good at what they do especially when the objective is to not judge based on background.

4. You will be well travelled and more culturally aware

If you don’t have money, you haven’t had the pleasure of going to unlimited locations or experience the world in the same way others have. You hear stories about people talking so proudly about their experience particularly in social situations or during small talk. In fact the same people that tell you that money doesn’t buy you happiness will tell you that life is about experiences.

Great piece of advice but not so great for someone that only knows what is around them because of their own limited opportunities. Perhaps their parents couldn't afford to take them on these holidays and may have had to make tough choices like food on the table or the so called experience.

5. You will have more confidence

Of course people with more money have greater confidence. This comes from a combination of knowing more, greater skills and varied experiences which means that they are more able to talk confidently and not worry about judgement. They have been taught to be comfortable in any environment and being more culturally aware has also helped them talk to people of varied backgrounds too.

6. More likely to find partners easily

Their highly effective education, experiences naturally makes them more charming particularly if they are taught to be more humble and with greater education around equality and diversity the younger generation also benefits from having a more charming personality. Of course arrogance is also a turn-off so it isn’t guaranteed.

Does it buy you happiness?

When thinking about this people with comfortable lives always think what more money can get them but rarely think about where they can end up with less money. Doing so may change their perspective on whether having this goal is bad.

Although more money will generally give us greater happiness, there will be a point of plateau. To get maximum happiness you want to avoid being in situations of constantly budgeting, re-thinking that cup of coffee or that new laptop or the slow frustrating internet.

However at some point you may reach a point that any more won’t increase your happiness drastically and of course those that cannot handle money may well end up misusing it. If you are fortunate enough to have lots of it, you also have the power to make a huge difference to the world around you and perhaps that person who wishes to be billionaire has the true intention of wanting to make that huge difference in the world.


More money does make you happy, but remember to always handle your money with care, it's not always guaranteed forever but if you do happen to be fortunate enough to have a lot of it, do not forget that you have the power to make a difference. We hope you do decide to use it for the greater good.

As for those that like to 'educate' others about how money doesn't buy you happiness, maybe re-think your perspective.

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