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Do you still feel attracted to co-workers when working from home?

When working in the office there is usually friendly banter amongst your co-workers, small talk, gossip and often a love interest. Most people spend their entire day with the people they work with and they almost become your second family. Of course, unlike family when you have had enough of your colleagues you get a new job, move teams without any real emotional ties.

COVID-19 has changed the way we interact with our colleagues, we no longer have the small talk, the only time we talk is on video calls on Zoom or Microsoft Teams and often those conversations have limited time and come with an agenda and other participants, so flirting with that cute girl or boy isn’t appropriate. So can a romance blossom when you rarely see each other?

Apparently it can, small things like the way he talks or responds and looks even just on video make us fall in love which just goes to show in the grand scheme of things what we are actually falling in love with is the personality not the looks.

Here are some of the classic ways he is trying to win you over.

A cheeky compliment / joke during the conference call

Your conversations may be agenda driven but seeing that cute boy and the way he responds to questions and interacts in meetings will give you an idea of his cheeky sense of humour and he may drop in a compliment here and there when he speaks to you. Of course he will be careful not to just focus entirely on you so may drop others a compliment too. Don't be disheartened, you are the one who has captured his heart.

A flirty private message on Microsoft Teams to see how you react

He may even privately send you a message on Teams chat during the meeting when someone is talking just to see how you respond and if he gets to have a smile from you. If you briefly turn off your camera or choose not to switch it on he will send you a message to ask why and if you tell him you haven’t brushed your hair he would tell you that you always look beautiful.

He will try to work with you more and have one to one meetings

He will volunteer to take on tasks and work with you just so that you can have more one to one meetings together. In his one to one meetings he will try to start conversations asking more about you, your weekend before moving on to tasks

He will ask for your WhatsApp

When he is comfortable, he will ask for WhatsApp as an easier way of conversing, just so that he can look at your WhatsApp profile and keep your conversations casual. It’s his way of making the relationship less formal.

He will ask you out

After doing all of the above if you are still responding to his flirty remarks and the attention he is giving you, the chances are he will probably ask to see you outside of work in a COVID compliant way of course and have his first date with you!

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