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Do people stop enjoying romantic comedies after marriage because they have found their Prince?

One of the reasons why I love romantic comedies is because they give me hope that my prince charming is out there just waiting to sweep me off my feet who will ask me to marry him and we will live happily ever after. It happens in all these films so I am sure mine is just around the corner. I have however wondered if my favourite genre which I love watching is something I will give up when I finally find the one?

I feel it’s one of those awkward questions to ask a married person, just because they are married doesn’t mean they are married to their prince charming. Perhaps the romance has died down, so I feel you have to tread carefully. However when I asked, I got some interesting responses.

1. It’s just a film

The first person I asked probably didn’t understand my rationale and gave me a very blunt yes I do, feeling a bit confused as to why someone would watch a romantic comedy and attach such an expectation. Clearly it’s a film and just like you don’t expect a doll to come to life and stalk you or aliens to take over the world, why on earth would you expect a man to come and sweep you off your feet?

2. Marriage is a means to an end

One person felt that marriage is there to serve a purpose and feelings change, marriage gives you peace of mind and emotional security and it’s practical. There is no such thing as romance and it is a false notion which has trapped so many people into remaining single for longer than they should or never finding a man to settle down with.

All I can say is, I really hope this person is happily married even if it is a means to an end. Although happiness does come in many forms so maybe being married is what makes them happy. Afterall married people are happier than single people or so I have been told.

3. You fall in love multiple times

Some people seek love forever, even after being married they dream someone else will come along and sweep them off their feet. Even romantic comedies sometimes centre around people who have previously been married who then find love again. There really is no such thing as the one and some dream even after marriage which for them is probably life as Cinderella cleaning, cooking, looking after kids that they hold on to hope that one day all will change after being invited to that one very important ball.

4. What is a Prince?

Good question, even though there are many Princes in the world, gone are the days when some handsome man with unimaginable wealth who would care for you and love you forever. The reality is today that just doesn’t exist and what exactly will a prince do for you anyway. What you are seeking is a man who respects you and cares for you and they may not make grand romantic gestures but it’s not to say you haven’t found love.

5. The comedy in romantic comedy is important, life isn’t a comedy

Fair enough, we don’t live life as a comedy so no comment.

6. The question you should ask is, do romantic comedies set false expectations of what marriage may be?

I guess they may well do but no harm in dreaming. When in love people do often forgive the other person more quickly because losing them is worse than arguing with them. So maybe they do set some false expectations but finding love isn’t a bad dream to have.

7. Men don’t watch romantic comedies, you should ask them?

Turns out men do watch romantic films but not comedies. I asked one of our regular contributors who admitted to watching romantic films and has watched walk to remember 25 times, but as he grew older he found Hollywood was just using it to play on his emotions. He says often there is “an ailing boyfriend or girlfriend and the other one is a brat. Then he or she falls in love and changes for good while the other one dies”. Sounds pretty morbid to me!

He claims he wouldn’t watch romantic comedies “unless there is a hot girl in the poster as click bait. Romantic comedies are lame, Romance and comedy is so imaginative, exaggerated, over acting is a prerequisite”


Well despite shattering my bubble of finding the man of my dreams I still have hope I will find love and live happily ever after. In the meantime I shall carry on watching romantic comedies and when I am happily married, I will let you know my thinking post marriage!

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