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Did the Annabelle Doll Escape from the Warren Museum?

Year 2020 is a bane in itself and when the news broke out that Annabelle doll has escaped out of the museum, the weird ideas and scary thought of how we perceive the doll makes life even difficult.

If you’ve seen “The Conjuring” horror film series, you already know how spooky the haunted Annabelle doll is.

On Aug. 14, 2020, a rumor started to circulate on social media that the so-called Annabelle doll, the supposedly supernatural toy had escaped from an occult museum in Connecticut:

The terms “Annabelle” and “Warren Museum” both started to trend on Twitter as social media users posted messages about the demonic doll that pur-paw-ted-ly was on the loose. These fears, however, were for nawt, as the Annabelle doll did not actually escape from the Warren Museum — it is, after all, an inanimate object.

According to an article from Newsweek, the rumor of Annabelle’s alleged escape began after an internet user changed Annabelle’s Wikipedia page, claiming she had escaped from the museum Friday morning. The Wikipedia page has since been corrected.

Some others suggest - The rumor started circulating shortly after the Hollywood Reporter published an interview with Annabelle Wallis, the actress who played Mia in the “Annabelle” movie and the reporter mixed up visuals of escape scenes from “The Mummy” with the interview.

The museum was closed due to a zoning violation late last year and according to Newsweek, the doll is no longer on display. Annabelle is currently in the possession of Edward and Lorraine Warrens’ son-in-law, Tony Spera.

Annabelle was first owned by two women who claimed the doll was “moving through their apartment” and was leaving written notes, according to Newsweek. The owners of the doll then consulted with a psychic.

Some paranormal experts claim the doll was tied to a demonic spirit, pretending to be a child, Newsweek reports. Eventually, the doll went into the Warrens’ possession, which led to Annabelle being housed in their museum prior to its closure.

Even on the Warrens’ first car ride with the doll, Newsweek said the pair claimed they were put in serious danger and they believed Annabelle caused their car’s brakes to fail.

For those unfamiliar, the Warren’s Occult Museum was a real place and housed some of the artifacts collected by paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. The duo are perhaps most famous for investigating a haunted house in New York in 1975. That investigation inspired the book “The Amityville Horror” and several films of the same name. The pair also investigated reports about a Raggedy Ann Doll that was supposedly possessed by a young girl named Annabelle Higgins. This doll, which was later put on display at the museum, also inspired a number of horror movies.

Now whether the doll is normal or paranormal, good news is her escape was a hoax.

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