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Develop these communication skills to keep up with the changing world

The world is definitely changing a lot and so is the way we communicate. Writing isn’t quite an outdated skill just yet, despite many environmental issues with paper, governments in most countries still insist on the pen and paper method when it comes to sitting exams. It is probably a deep rooted distrust of technology and opening up to potential hacking scandals but in the real world no one writes and the way we communicate is completely different too.

Perhaps the skills we were once taught need to be refined and we need to reconsider whether the way we once spoke and wrote really is the right thing. In this article we summarise some of the ‘newer’ ways of communicating which perhaps the future generation needs to be taught.

1. Learn the art of Hashtags

In the world of social media hashtags are very important and they serve a very important purpose. Using it correctly can make your business or your content more discoverable and it is a skill everyone must possess.

Hashtags are effectively used to connect social media content to topics, events or themes. It means other users can find posts that are of interest to them. For example if you post about vegan food on Twitter then instead of keeping it just to the people that follow you, by using the hashtag you are allowing others to be able to view the topic that you may have written. Of course tagging every word in your sentence isn’t beneficial but common themes are good. So maybe the way a language is taught should also incorporate some form of hashtagging in sentences.

2. One person, two conversations

No, this is not psychotic behaviour however you may have often observed how sometimes you are having a conversation with someone and because we typically type faster than we receive messages and don’t want to wait too long to type our next message we end up having two different conversation with the same person. Being able to keep track of this and reply in time without causing confusion is a skill not to be ignored.

3. Develop your brain to process multiple responses from multiple people within seconds

Group chats are increasingly becoming normal. There are family WhatsApp groups, work WhatsApp groups among others. With this norm comes an expectation to be able to track multiple replies from multiple people.

In the fast paced, technology focussed work everything we want is instantaneous and with it an expectation of instantaneous responses, so rarely will you find one person typing, a group waiting for the typing to be completed with another person replying, conversations in logical order, one at a time like we did when we once wrote letters no longer exists.

4. Use video calls

Once upon a time people were camera shy and no one wanted to talk on video. Now this is the norm and no one wants to talk on the phone. In fact it can be frustrating if during a work conference people have chosen not to switch on their camera without any good reason. It is nice to see people’s faces when they talk and their reactions. Talking on the phone just isn’t the same anymore.

The days of talking over the phone are long gone, while the future is not known, even calls from other companies such as your bank should perhaps switch to videos instead. If anything seeing the person on the other side is probably a lot better and a lot safer than the image of an unknown person who could be anyone for all you know. Having said that with background screens it is also just as easy for the person to pretend to be someone they are not.


The world is changing and so is the way we are communicating. The way the future generation communicates may be completely different to today, for example instead of video calls maybe holograms will appear making it seem like the person is sat right next to you and then one day maybe we will have figured out teleportation so meeting people might be within seconds instead of the long journey and commutes. At least those are some of our futuristic fantasies. Remember them for the purposes of self development and in your business endeavours. They are a part of your journey.

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