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Designer Michael Costello blames Chrissy Teigen for suicidal thoughts

Chrissy Teigen may disappear, appear, apologize and then repeat but the reality is She has become the Ellen Degenres of 2021, someone who has advocated and practiced “Cancel Culture” is getting a taste of her own medicine and we guess it doesn’t taste sweet, as she has been losing deals after deals.

The latest allegation against the wife of John Legend is made by Designer Michael Costello, claiming a misunderstanding led him to get allegedly blacklisted by Chrissy Teigen in the fashion industry, leaving him suicidal.

“For the past 7 years, I’ve lived with a deep, unhealed trauma,” “Project Runway” star Costello wrote on Instagram Monday evening.

According to Costello, Chrissy Teigen judged him and formed her own opinion of the designer based on a Photoshopped comment floating around the internet which has now been proven to be false by Instagram and since taken down.”

Later to clarify things, Costello slid into her DM trying to explain the claims were fake but Teigen already passed her judgement and told him that his career was over and that all her doors will be shut from there on.”

Costello goes on to claim that fashion industry colleagues and friends told him that Teigen and her stylist Monica Rose had allegedly “gone out of their way to threaten people and brands that if they were in any shape or form associated with the designer, they would not work with any of them.

“Each time I have pleaded with Chrissy Teigen or Monica Rose to see the whole story before believing a false narrative a former disgruntled employee cast upon me, they didn’t give me the time of day,” he added.

Costello posted screengrabs purportedly showing a direct message thread with Teigen in which she claimed, “Racist people like you deserve to suffer and die. You might as well be dead. Your career is over, just watch.”

“I didn’t see the point of living,” Costello wrote. “There was no way I can ever escape from being the target of the powerful elites in Hollywood.”

“I am not okay,” he continued. “I may never be okay, but today, I am choosing to speak my truth.”

Teigen was taking time off from social media after Courtney Stodden revealed how she was bullied by the model, though she apologized publicly to Courtney, people and brands have shown no mercy what so ever, resulting in Chrissy shutting down her online presence, maybe she was waiting for things to calm down.

But here she is back on Instagram with a lengthy apology blog and simultaneously cropped up is another allegation.

Now it is to be seen, if she is going to stay online and take the backlashes or if she is going to disappear yet again.

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