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Dad Complains An Indian Family Fed His Kid ‘Spicy Food’,Americans Tweet Fav Dishes In Response

If you have an Indian friend, you would know the three things they talk about is Curry, Cricket and Bollywood. Some of them are so obsessed with Bollywood and the songs, they play it forcefully even on salsa nights.

But when it comes to Curry and Naan bread, we all are equally obsessed.

But a dad got worried when his kid was offered Indian food in his absence and called it "too spicy for small tummies". The internet ignored this dad's concern and started sharing favourite dishes and their kid's obsession with Curry.

American author and host Padma Lakshmi reacted to the dad's concern and she was shocked when a non-Indian dad DANNY M. LAVERY objected to feeding his child Indian food. Padma tweeted the article wherein the dad of a 9 year old kid expressed that he felt offended when parents of his son’s Indian friend fed the kid ‘chicken curry, lentils and vegetables’ without getting his permission beforehand.

And this is just the beginning, the poor and ignorant dad was literally schooled on internet, one class on food science he will never forget.

This is how he wrote his concern in the article.

My son, “Chris,” is 9. A few weeks ago, we decided to open our bubble to include the family of “Neil,” Chris’s best friend. Both of Neil’s parents are doctors, so this seemed like a safe decision. Both parents were born and raised in India. We let Chris have dinner at their place the other night since both boys were having a great time together. When we came to pick up Chris, Neil’s mom recounted to me how much chicken curry and lentils and vegetables Chris ate. I couldn’t believe that they served my son spicy curries without even calling to ask us if that would be OK! I was taken aback and gently mentioned that spicy foods can be hard on small tummies, but it didn’t seem to register. Thankfully Chris didn’t get sick. My wife says to drop it because any conversation will look racial in nature and to only let the boys play at our place. Please help.

I must say internet was not nice to him.

And one of the best reply was :

The only danger of introducing Indian food to kids is that it’s so damn good, they may never eat anything else (said by mom who gave toddler sag paneer who is still loving it 15 years later)

To be honest, what you want to eat and what you like is your choice but writing an article over the concern and not doing the research on the difference between hot food and spicy food makes it look like the dad has faked his concern. This is no way an attempt to bash anyone for their ignorance but being a culinary expert and chef for Indian and Peruvian cuisine, I can say products from my area of culinary expertise won't bother anyone's small tummy.

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