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Could Metaverse for the food industry be the next big trend?

Food appears to be a common theme in the world of crypto, with names like pancake swaps, syrup, farming among others being common terminologies. In fact when it came to bitcoins first ever commercial transaction it was recorded as May 22, 2010 when Laszlo Hanyecz used bitcoin to pay for two Papa John’s pizza at a price of 10,000 BTC and May 22 quickly became Bitcoin Pizza day.

As we move into the world of Metaverse, restaurants and supermarkets could soon move into the digital world allowing a direct connection with restaurants and customers. A block-chain based marketplace which allows customers to have full control over what they buy, what they pay and their menus paying the vendor directly rather than having a third party taking a cut as we have come to experience with ubereats and Deliveroo becoming more popular.

However it is a bit early for the ecosystem to be fully developed and as for a full metaverse experience such as eating at the restaurants, that is something metaverse cannot satisfy since you need to eat physical good to fulfil your hunger. Have said that some restaurant have opened up virtual restaurants.

For Halloween, US based restaurant Chipotle opened a virtual restaurant for Roblox players. Those who entered the restaurant experienced a spooky Halloween themed experience and then received vouchers to let then get a burrito in the real world.

There is a wider use too, such as along with taking over food delivery and takeout it is also becoming common to start the restaurant experience online by using Google or TripAdviser. You may be able to visit the restaurants websites, explore menus, look at meals and the restaurant itself. For example you could be at a stadium watching a game like you would in the real world but in the digital world. After the game you would take your avatar and look at all the restaurants and food options including what they look like. Once you are happy you make your purchase in crypto currency and it comes to your house. You could even talk to the chef about menu options and ask questions.

As for the restaurant, there are benefits too, for example they could set themselves up such that a smart contract is created when a reservation is made. Once the reservation is done an escrow is created and if there are no shows then the restaurant can keep the money. Much like they would when reserving with a card.

Things are moving quickly and although you would think metaverse is limited to certain fields it is becoming a big thing across the crypto world so keep an eye out for projects and coins who are thinking about the restaurant industry. If you manage to get in early you will sure to have hit the jackpot when it grows.

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