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Cody Simpson’s Sister Assures Fans He ‘Loved’ Miley Cyrus As They Mourn The Breakup

No doubt being a public figure has its own advantages and perks but it is also true that you have to pay the price for everything. Imagine you breaking up with your partner and then you have to explain to the whole universe how much it hurts and if it does at all.

In the case of Hollywood couples it is very common for the fan base to get polarized and take sides after the break up, Selena and Justin’s break up is the prime example and literally the fans have created two sets of army. Now Miley Cyrus who has been making news for her messed up state after breakup has got the fans speaking for her.

It all happened after Cody Simpson went public with his new romance with Marloes Stevens, something that triggered the Miley fans as they asked Cody, What about Miley Cyrus.

While Cody is enjoying his time with the new love interest, his little sister Alli Simpson has decided to calm the fans down. She claims what Cody and Miley had, was quite ‘real.’

“I’m a protective sister, but also I’ve met her a bunch of times, and she’s been, like, nothing but beautiful to me,” Alli Simpson, the 22-year-old sister of Cody Simpson, said during the Jan. 12 episode of Australia’s I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!.

According to Daily Mail, Alli shared some insight into Cody’s relationship with Miley Cyrus.

“I’m not going to judge on what I read and see, stuff like that. I’m going to go on what Cody says, and he was in love and he loved what he had.”

When asked if the relationship between Cody, 24, and Miley, 28, was serious or a “bit of fun,” Alli confirmed that their love was indeed “real.”

Alli’s comment was seemingly directed to all those who mourned for Cody and Miley’s romance after he went public with his new relationship with Marloes Stevens. Her brother and Miley’s ex Cody were first spotted displaying affection publicly to the model during a Nov. 4 lunch date.

On the day after Christmas, Cody and Marloes made it “Instagram Official,” of sorts. Cody’s mother, Angie Simpson, posted a series of holiday photos on Dec. 26, including one where Marloes is cozied up to her new man. It was there when all the Miley/Cody fans voiced their concern if he really cared for Miley Cyrus.

Miley and Cody called it quits after 10 months of dating. She went on Instagram Live in August 2020 to confirm the breakup.

Recently Miley has shown interest in Harry Styles but it seems it was little too late as Olivia Wilde has made her move faster.

Maybe Miley was just messing around and she is pretty happy with her single status or may be something is brewing silently. Only time will tell but calling out someone as they move on after the breakup is little unfair.

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