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Chris Brown's dog attacked cleaner's sister

Chris Brown’s dogs have got him into some legal mess. His cleaner Patricia Avila is taking him to court because she claims the dogs attacked her sister according to reports by TMZ.

Patricia and her sister had been hired to clean Chris’ Tarzana home twice a week for $500 a day. She claims they were aware of the dogs but that they were kept in a different part of the house when they did the housework.

One day, one of the dogs, Chris’ Caucasian Shepherd Ovcharka made It to the backyard and got violent when her sister went to the backyard to empty out the vacuum. Before she knew it the animal was on top of her sister, tearing her body and even ripping 3 – 4 inches of skin from her arm and biting her face and legs.

911 was called by Chris who must have witnessed the attack or been aware atleast. As a result of such horrific experience Patricia says that she has suffered emotioning including PTSD, severe anxiety and panic attacks.

The sister has not yet commented or whether she will also sue. The current lawsuit is for Patricia who claimed he failed to protect her from the unreasonable risk of harm from the dog. The court documents also implied that the dog has a history of being violent and aggressive towards people.

Witnessing someone close to you being attacked as brutally as she describes is definitely scary, whether its deserving of compensation is something that the court will decide. Seems like Chris did the right thing for calling 911.

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