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Cheryl's ex, One Direction Star Liam Payne reacts to headlines about wanting 'time away' from son

Cheryl’s ex Liam Payne has accused Daily Mail of using his relationship with his son, Bear, as clickbait. Although the former One Direction Star doesn’t deny what was said, he says it was taken out of context in an Instagram post on Friday.

In an article published by daily mail on 6 November, the headline stated that Liam was taking “time away” from the toddler. The article referenced quotes made to Tings where he discusses the pandemic and his 3 year old son.

"Me and Cheryl decided I should be away for a little bit, it's not unusual for me to be in and out of his life," Liam explained to Ting. "He's a quiet and chill child. He doesn't worry about things too much."

On Instagram, the singer hit back at what he claims is a misleading headline. He explains;

"Usually I let these things slide but this is completely out of context," he wrote. "I couldn't see my son because of the worldwide pandemic that is happening not because I had anything wrong with me like this headline hints at." 

Due to the COVID pandemic Liam had made the decision to not attend his son’s 3rdbirthday on March 22.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain at the time,Liam said:

"Yeah, it was a really tough call to make to not go down for his birthday but I discussed it with Cheryl and we just thought it was the best option."
"I am out here in the city, I had been exposed to so many things before his birthday and we were still finding out more information about this thing."

Liam added that it was 'horrible' missing out on his son's milestone but he was able to get involved via technology and has been in regular contact with his son.

Liam and Girls allowed singer, Cheryl, split a year after their son was born, the two first started dating in 2016 but met first time in 2008 when Liam auditioned for Britain’s song contest, X-Factor at age 14 with Cheryl, then 24 was on the judging panel. Although they did not get together until 8 years later and lasted only two and a half years, announcing their split in June 2018.

Liam is currently engaged to 20 year old Texan born Maya Henry, who he proposed to after 2 years of dating. The relationship was rumoured to have started briefly after his split with Cheryl.

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