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Cardi B treats daughter Kulture like a doll and tells fans “God gave me a doll for a reason”

Having a rich mom definitely has its perks. For two year old, Kulture that involves owning Chanel and Dior handbags among many other designer items and the reason behind such crazy splurges is as Cardi B will say because “God gave me a doll for a reason”.

Interesting outlook Cardi B.

The rapper went on a shopping spree on Tuesday and reportedly showcased seven handbags and a bracelet which totalled $26,000 according to reports. That included Chanel and Dior.

'Oooh I went crazy shopping, all for Kulture though, nothing mine. All KK. What? God gave me a doll for a reason,' Cardi B who has 158.6M social media followers said.

For those wondering what she spent the £26k on, here is a breakdown.

  • Two $4,212 mini Lady Dior bags,

  • $3,385 Blue Dior Oblique Jacquard Saddle bag,

  • $4,282 hot pink Chanel mini flap,

  • $4,949 Chanel vanity case,

  • $5,571 Chanel bucket bag with pearls, and pink sparkly bag and a Chanel bracelet.

The rapper justified it on her Instagram by writing

Last year Cardi B set up an Instagram account for Kulture and the little star already has 1.7m followers of her own but that is not all momager Cardi B has started shaping Kulture’s future already;

'I just want [Kulture] to be very smart and very business savvy...I want her to feel like she's just unstoppable. I want her to be humble,' the former stripper said in her XXL cover story on Tuesday.

Cardi B adds that she also wants her to have ambitions;

'I want her to be ambitious. A lot of people have so much things that I be like, "Yo, why are they not further in their life?" And, the reason is because they're not ambitious. I want my daughter to be ambitious.'
'I don't want you to feel like you gotta get it from somebody else. Or to settle for less. I want her to be something. I want her to be a somebody.'

Hmm…might be hard to remain humble and ambitious when everything is given to you but I am sure Cardi B has some amazing parenting skills up her sleeves. Whether the 2 year old does in fact transition into the ambitious humble being mother Cardi B wants her to be waits to be seen.

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