Cardi B talks Politics and negative criticism from women

Cardi B talks politics and negative criticism.

If there is one person who would understand the public scrutiny and the importance of looking good / image then it is another woman. Yet Cardi B calls out all the women who have criticised her.

In an Instagram post on Sunday where she posted an edited picture of herself alongside what she claims to be an unedited picture she lashes out at the women.

"That's why I pray every day and God keep blessing me triple in people face cause they done tried everything to bring me down," Cardi wrote in the post, which has since been deleted. 

She also claimed that the original picture was a ‘paparazzi picture from months ago’

"When was the last time I had a nose ring? And why the duck [sic] ya make me look like a middle eastern boy?" Cardi wrote, adding, "WHAT DON'T YA GET..." 

She went on to state how disappointed she was that other women were treating her in this way;

"The sad s--- is that the people that be doing these rumors and be trying to make people bash me about my looks are WOMEN!" Cardi wrote. 

On Monday she also responded to US conversative commentator Candace Owens who in an interview with Ben Shapiro had labelled Cardi as “dumb” and “illiterate”. Cardi was quick to point out that she had a following large enough to do as she wanted them to.

"It's not a secret I use my platform to encourage people to vote," the rapper said during an Instagram video directed to Owens. "I have millions of followers. I pay millions in taxes. I have the Number One song in this country, I have the Number One song in the United Kingdom, I have the Number One song in Australia, I have the Number One song in New Zealand."

"Just like I can make millions of people pop their p---y, I can make millions of people go vote," Cardi added. 

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